My Journey to Becoming a UX Designer

The term UX Designer wasn’t on my radar after graduating from a degree in Songwriting in 2015. It took what I thought would be a temporary job managing social media for a Toronto based Law firm to realize, I wanted to work somewhere in the world of technology.

Image of UX Designer with brother and sister after she graduated from college

My brother, sister and I at my graduation in 2015.

While it wasn’t straightforward, my round-about journey to becoming a UX Designer has afforded me the opportunity to spend time mastering important skills. I now possess a firm understanding of SEO & SEM, analytics and social media marketing and I’ve had the chance to hone my skills as a copywriter and content creator. Each of these assets has been incredibly valuable in my migration to UX Design.

How does my background make me a better UX Designer?

A beautiful, useful design doesn’t work if no one knows where to find it! My experience in SEO allows me to design products that not only look and feel great but also meet business goals. SEO gives me the ability to actively work towards ranking products in search engine result pages and translate leads to conversions that businesses can easily track and measure. 

I think it’s extremely important for UX Designers to understand the value of SEO and how the process works as it will greatly affect the design of the product.

Definition of analytics from google open on an iPhone

Over the past three years, I’ve worked directly with business owners to reach measurable goals and ultimately grow their businesses. Working in this capacity has given me a deeper understanding and empathy for the needs of businesses in addition to end users. My training in SEM, social media marketing, content creation and copywriting allows me to take products farther on a smaller budget. 

Studying to become a UX Designer through CareerFoundry

In order to become a successful UX Designer, I knew I would need a few more tools in my tool belt. After some extensive research, I settled on CareerFoundry’s Certified UX Designer course which has allowed me to gain hands-on experience completing real-world projects. You can find completed work from my course in my portfolio.

UX Designer's wireframe for a vocabulary app

Low-fidelity wireframe for a vocabulary app (CareerFoundry project)

Since beginning the course in February 2018 I have learned how to successfully guide an app or website from initial concept through to launch. The course assisted me in mastering research methods, the creation of user personas, journey maps, mental models and user flows, IA including wireframes and prototyping, usability testing as well as presentation skills, UI Design and more.

I’d love to work with you!

I’m excited to continue learning and improving my skills as a UX Designer. I truly believe that UX Design is the way of the future and I can’t wait to continue designing products that bring joy to users while simplifying their lives. Please contact me through the website if you are interested in working with me.