Bookmarked App

Bookmarked is a vocabulary learning app designed to empower and inspire users to learn new vocabulary.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge facing the development of this app was ensuring its ability to cater to different study styles. Users needed a way to customize their experience to suit their schedule and preferences. The app had to be designed for successful use in any environment, from busy restaurants and trains to quiet homes. While some users described themselves as visual learners, others felt more confident learning aurally or verbally. All learning types and atmospheres had to be considered. 

Proto Persona

Lindsay Peters Proto Persona for Bookmarked app

Lindsay Peters

Lindsay is a 23-year-old psychology major studying abroad in Spain for a year. She is a friendly and outgoing person who loves to make new friends. The language barrier has made it difficult for Lindsay to navigate her environment and immerse herself in the culture. Lindsay is looking for a fun way to quickly learn the language, as she is already in school she doesn't want to feel as though learning Spanish is extra homework. Lindsay has a long commute to school and wants to use this time to study, she needs an app that will suit her on-the-go lifestyle.


Wireframes for the Bookmarked app

Low-Fidelity Prototype

The first iteration of the Bookmarked app was compiled into a working prototype which can be found hereThis prototype was utilized during the first round of usability testing.

Features Include:

  • The ability to learn multiple topics simultaneously 
  • Motivational progress trackers
  • Ambient sound feature to minimize distraction
  • Ability to add your own topics with customized vocabulary words
  • Ability to bookmark important words within each topic for easy access
  • A search feature to look up new words on-the-go
  • Tutor bot, an online automated tutor to help answer basic questions while inside of a lesson

Usability Testing & Outcome

User Onboarding Prototype for Bookmarked App

Users were asked to complete four tasks using the low-fidelity prototype. 

1. Create an Account
2. Start Learning
3. Save a New Word for Later
4. Create a New Learning Widget

Each task was completed successfully and all users reported they enjoyed the learning process. Unfortunately, users ran into issues during onboarding. Most users were confused by the onboarding screens as they were designed in a way that leads users to believe they had to complete the actions displayed. 

To solve the issue the onboarding process needed to be simplified and decluttered.

Work In Progress…